The best quality for K-9 bikes

Today, we have received a well packed parcel from SKF. The best quality bearing for K-9 bikes to ensure smooth suspension movement, pivot rotation and problem free happy riding! We are now very close to finishing pre-production bikes…

SRAM Group sets for K-9

Today, we have received a parcel from Fisher’s containing SRAM group set and others to kit-up the pre-production prototypes for testing. The production model is also plan to specced up with SRAM goods like X-9 group set, DH specific cassette, hollow pin chain, etc. etc. The prototype are just gone into the welding process…

K9INE DH001-S Updates

K-9 has delayed the launch of the DH001-S for a few months because we wanted to make sure that the bikes and everything on it were just right, from specs, colours , graphics, etc…! We are pleased to inform you that we are on target to releasing the first bikes towards the end of this […]

K-9 Engineered Rider Announcement

K-9 Engineered, part of K-9 Industries Ltd responsible for data logging services of suspension bicycles has appointed James McKnight to represent South-West Europe area in 2009. He is actively involved with local communities of Spain and France, working as full-time guide for ‘Switch-back’. Currently he rides customised Iron Horse Sunday by K-9 Engineered. Check-out ‘K-9 […]

K9INE DH001 MTB Previews

K-9 Industries is proud to introduce the first previews of DH001 downhill mountain bikes.For further information on specification of the bikes.K-9 is planning to sell bikes with several colour combinations, name on the frame and more are planned for personalisation to pimp-up your new frame. Official launching of around April 2008.

Reynolds tubes arrives

K-9 Industries have received new steel tubing for DH001 prototypes. It is light and look very good!! (Shiny good old British Steel) We are really looking forward to going into the manufacturing of the Prototypes and testing them in the near future.

DH001S Pre-production Jig Complete

Slowly but definately coming! Pre-production DH001S jig is now completed and waiting for Pre-production prototypes to be built on… We are expecting to going into testing of the prototypes in Feburary, ready for demos with an exclusive UK K-NINE distrubutor in March, braking into the market in April. DH001A is expected to be out around […]

One step further to testing pre-production bikes

Today we have received a parcel from the USA containing several Cane Creek headsets for our pre-production prototypes. Cane Creek sent us some integrated and semi-integrated headsets in 1 1/8” steerer to test the adjustable headsets inserts (0º or ±1º angle adjustments with 1 1/8” steerer & 0º for 1.5” steerer). Cane Creek is supplying […]