Month: August 2016

The best quality for K-9 bikes

Today, we have received a well packed parcel from SKF. The best quality bearing for K-9 bikes to ensure smooth suspension movement, pivot rotation and problem free happy riding! We are now very close to finishing pre-production bikes…

SRAM Group sets for K-9

Today, we have received a parcel from Fisher’s containing SRAM group set and others to kit-up the pre-production prototypes for testing. The production model is also plan to specced up with SRAM goods like X-9 group set, DH specific cassette, hollow pin chain, etc. etc. The prototype are just gone into the welding process…

K9INE DH001-S Updates

K-9 has delayed the launch of the DH001-S for a few months because we wanted to make sure that the bikes and everything on it were just right, from specs, colours , graphics, etc…! We are pleased to inform you that we are on target to releasing the first bikes towards the end of this […]

K-9 Engineered Rider Announcement

K-9 Engineered, part of K-9 Industries Ltd responsible for data logging services of suspension bicycles has appointed James McKnight to represent South-West Europe area in 2009. He is actively involved with local communities of Spain and France, working as full-time guide for ‘Switch-back’. Currently he rides customised Iron Horse Sunday by K-9 Engineered. Check-out ‘K-9 […]