Downhill Bike? or Enduro Bike?

Downhill Bike is a full suspension bike which is commonly known as Downhill Mountain Bike. It is designed especially for rocky trails and steep mountains, that’s what makes a big difference to regular mountain bike because stability and durability are the most important features of this Bike. This type of bikes are primarily designed for high speed and rider are pushing the bike’s limit or even shuttle via chairlifts and motorized vehicles. With increased level to travel anywhere and strong built of frames, Downhill Bikes has a similarity to Freeride Bikes. It is also being used to strengthen the cardiovascular with less technicality.

Downhill Bike Components


(178-254 mm) at 7-10 inch of the rear suspension, and (178-203) at around 7-8 inch suspension (fork). It is designed to supply higher speed rides/


1.5 head tube and a (38 mm) wide steerer tube to provide more strength and fitness


The disc is 200mm or maybe larger and it typically has a hydraulic disc brakes


It is a chain guide that holds it throughout the ride, also designed to prevent chain derailment. Internal gearbox is some added feature for improved reliability.


It is usually 26′ in size and it has to be a good quality of tires to be used.


Mostly carbon fiber or aluminum alloy.

Enduro Bikes

It is typically used for mountain bike racing which downhill part is timed while uphill is not. primarily downhill with a very neutral transfer stage in between. It usually within the time-limit but it is not part of the total accumulated time.

This is a stage race format and takes place over 1 to 2 days, but there is a competition that exists which usually last for a week. Samples are in Chile (The Andres Pacifico), France (Trans Provence) and the United States (The
Pisgah Stage Race).

It has 3-5 timed stages for one-day enduro which takes place in descending terrain which is technically demanding and ofter section of singletrack. Enduro bike is best when it comes to the technical part which supports bikes technical ability. Pure downhill racing contains a little to cross-country. For enduro, riders should have a strong mind and packed skill.

Major Components of an Enduro Bike is almost the same to Downhill Bike, however, It is two times the size from the other to provide a superior performance especially if the purpose of using the Enduro Bike is mainly for competition.

Bikes Make and Models

Downhill Bikes

Intense M16 C

Santa Cruz V10CC

Specialized Demo S Works

Foes Hydro H2

Pivot Phoenix Carbon

Mondraker Summun Carbon Pro Team

Unno Downhill Bike

Norco Aurum C7.1

Canyon Sender

Devinci Wilson

Enduro Bikes

Specialized Enduro

Santa Cruz Bronson

Santa Cruz Nomad

Yeti SB6

Trek Remedy

YT Capra

Trek Slash

Yeti SB 5.5

Commencal Meta AM 4.2 (tie)

Downhill bike and Enduro Bike has similarity when it comes to looking and somehow the price. Both of them have most expensive yet sexy versions of bikes available in the market. The only thing that separates them is the main usage of each.